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Storage Services

Storage Services

Many of our customers like the flexibility of storage while moving their items locally or across the country. Moving Dude’s offers climate controlled storage facilities during a home renovation or during the transition of a move in state or across country. Moving your peciously valued items across the country can be troublesome if there’s a big gap in timing.  It’s reasons like these that our customers find our storage options ideal for their situation.

“As a business owner, I naturally hold a high standard for the concept of “great customer service” because I know how hard and important it is to deliver high quality services to my customer. That being said, Mover Dudes is definitely a top notch movers company that treat their customers with respect and hospitality. Moving is already stressful and cumbersome as it is, to find a company that truly gets the job done, correctly, is rare. I definitely had a 5 star experience .
Chris S.

It wouldn’t matter if it’s a few boxes or tons of boxes and furniture you need in storage, we can store it until you’re ready for move-in. Many college students find our storage options very accommodating and save them a lot of money. Homeowners really appreciate the value added storage services. Climate controlled storage is usually very expensive, but with us you save money by getting everything you need to make moving as easy as possible.

climate controlled storage for moving

Moving & Storage Services

If you’re in need of short-term storage we can help you while in the middle of switching homes. Sometimes a houses closing sale isn’t as quick as expected, our storage services help alleviate this stress.

  • Storage for small offices
  • Furniture storage
  • Apartment storage
  • Moving Home Storage
  • Storage for Corporations
  • Short-Term Storage
  • Long-Term Storage

Storage When You Move Long Distance

Wanting to rid your home of clutter while staging your home to be sold? Sold your home but not enough time to find a new one? Mover Dude’s runs into this all the time. We can easily help you rest your mind at ease with our moving and storage options. Many of our clients at some point find it necessary to use our moving and storage services. Some may need temporary storage and others for a longer term, regardless of the case we can accommodate you. Our moving and storage company offers these services to commercial and residential moving clients.

storage for commercial and residential moves.
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