Difference between an actual mover and a broker

Difference between an actual mover and a broker

Difference between an actual mover and a broker

Have you ever sought moving company services? Did you use the services of a broker to move your stuff? Or you directly dealt with a mover? Whichever the process you chose, you must have realized that the whole ordeal was tiresome and time-consuming. It is essential to identify a mover or broker who is registered; otherwise, you will  eventually be disappointed.

A moving broker is a company that arranges for transportation of your cargo. Also, a mover utilizes for-hire carriers to provide the actual truck transportation. They are sales teams who book your move and sell it to a real moving company. It is crucial to understand that a moving broker is not a mover. A broker does not assume the responsibility; he is not mandated to carry your households or cargo. They are only mandated to organize transportation because they do not have moving trucks or professional movers. Interstate brokers are only allowed to use movers registered with FMCSA.

A broker is not allowed to sell the job to a moving company for specific reasons which are: low estimates, no availability, limited resources.

Who is a Moving Broker?

A moving broker is intermediary between the person who is moving and the mover. The moving broker only gives estimates for a move. This can be done over the phone, mail, social media, or face to face and then collect their fee from the moving company. After giving the estimate then the brokers bid out of a job to moving companies based on the estimate. If you use a moving broker, it can be much cheaper than hiring a moving company directly. However, this doesn’t mean your items will arrive like they say they will.

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There are risks involved if you use a broker. First, there is a possibility that a moving company might not accept the job. Low estimates can cause this, availability of resources and the customer can be left without a mover on a moving day. Also, unregistered or unlicensed mover might be hired for a job, or the moving company might adjust the price higher once they see the job. This can be caused by wrong estimates caused by the moving broker. Lastly, brokers do not accept liabilities for acts or omissions of the mover.

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 What are Moving Companies?

A mover is a company that makes the actual move. A mover owns trucks, moving equipment, and professional staff responsible for moving you. When a mover gives you an estimate, the estimates are almost accurate compared to a moving broker. He or she knows exactly what is needed to move your stuff to the preferred destination. The price a mover gives depends on the distance, weight, and amount of things you plan to move. A mover might provide more confidence since the company will be held liable in case something goes wrong, unlike the broker.

If you are using an unprofessional mover, there are additional fees to consider which includes extra evaluation coverage for the goods or additional services. Commonly, such additional fees are charged for appliances like moving a piano.

Before you choose a broker or a mover, you have to research online the firm’s credibility and reputation. It might be a good idea if you ask the mover or broker to provide you with a list of clients the client he or she has worked with before you trust the firm.

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